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Spend an exceptional holiday in paradise when you stay at Lukenya Getaway

Explore our refined accommodation options and find the perfect space for your stay.

The resort offers a total of 139 suites and villas and a wide range of facilities, services and activities to its guests. In an effort to provide a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Single Rooms. Your Tranquil Retreat

Occupancy: 1 pax
Experience the comfort of our cozy hotel rooms, a perfect retreat for solo travelers. Modern amenities, a tranquil ambiance, and personalized service ensure a delightful stay, whether for business or leisure. Feel at home away from home.
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Double Rooms. Enchanting Suites

Occupancy: 2 adults + kids sharing
Relax in the comfort of our spacious double hotel rooms, ideal for a cozy retreat. With well-appointed facilities and delightful amenities, your stay promises relaxation and charm. Our accommodations blend comfort and style, ensuring a memorable escape.
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