WHAT TO DO in lukenya


Indulge in bird watching, camping, team building, bonfires, and nature trails, offering an enriching experience with picturesque landscapes and villages to explore.

Guided Tours

Embark on enriching guided tours with expert naturalists, exploring Kenya's breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences, blending adventure, education, and conservation in every journey.

Quad Bikes

Experience thrilling adventures with quad bikes, tackling diverse terrains and enjoying the rush of adrenaline. Whether a novice or expert, quad biking promises an exhilarating ride for outdoor enthusiasts.

High Ropes

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with high ropes, challenging your agility and courage. Navigate suspended obstacles amidst lush landscapes, experiencing an adrenaline-fueled journey that combines thrills with the beauty of nature.

Mountain Climbing

Embark on an exhilarating mountain climbing adventure at Lukenya Getaway, experiencing breathtaking views, challenging trails, and a unique escape into nature's beauty. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

Nature Trips

Discover the pristine beauty of Lukenya Getaway, offering captivating nature trips amidst scenic landscapes and abundant wildlife. Immerse yourself in tranquility while exploring diverse ecosystems in this enchanting destination.

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