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Enjoy a various amount of African and continental dishes

Dining in Lukenya Getaway

Culinary excellence has long been part of the Lukenya Getaway experience. Our restaurant covers a variety of culinary traditions, from fine and imaginative cuisine to the exotic, our passion for gourmet dining takes your taste buds to different sensory realms. Our chefs and sommeliers prove at this point. Our kitchens are situated in locations of remarkable architecture and contemporary design, all integrated smoothly into the overall experience.

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Indulge in delightful poolside dining, where the tranquil atmosphere enhances the exquisite flavors. Experience culinary bliss with our exceptional menu in a perfect setting.
Indulge in delicious meals surrounded by impalas and guinea fowls, accompanied by a mix of exciting activities. Experience the perfect blend of nature and culinary delight at our venue.
Taste mouthwatering dishes delivered right to your room, offering a menu tailored for your taste buds. Delight in the comfort of culinary excellence at your doorstep.

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0724 987 190 / 0727 880 488
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